Cold Climate Pack
Cold Climate Pack

We've camped in sub zero temperatures and sweltering 50C plus!!  We want you to be comfortable which is why we have exclusively designed our all weather climate packs.

For winter trips we can provide thermal screens for the pop up roof area and front windows, a window scrapper and de-icer.  These extras are a useful addition when temperatures fall between 0 and 10 C.  Please contact us in advance for advice and tips about extreme campervanning!

If you're expecting sub zero temperatures, snow or heading to the mountains of Europe or Scotland then it may be essential that you also add the Extreme Climate pack

PLEASE NOTE:  All campervans have thermostatic and timer controlled air blown heaters as standard.  These heaters are fuelled by the diesel fuel tank and are powered by the leisure battery,   A 240 volt electric lead is supplied to plug your campervan in to a "hook up" (available for a small charge at most campsites) and these are recommended when using the heating system for more than the a couple of nights, the leisure battery requires charging to maintain power and the operation of the electrics, the heating system will stop if the power is exhausted.  The battery level can be viewed on the campervan display panel.

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