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THULE XG12 PRO 240 Snow Chains for VW California 235 55 R17 inch Wheels

THULE XG12 PRO 240 Snow Chains for VW California 235 55 R17 inch Wheels

£175.00 RRP £195.00
Snow Chains are legally required in mountainous regions such as France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Austria, and Andorra.

Premium quality construction with hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy (MnNi) for greater reliability. Dual-sided D-shaped links providing greater traction and longer life.
Colour-coded parts for easy mounting.
Homologations in line with European and American requirements.
Exclusive, stylish, hard-sided packaging, complete with gloves, kneeling mat, mounting instructions and spare parts.
Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protecting alloy wheels (optional extra).
Special pattern chain design with double traction plates welded to increase grip and performance on snow.
12 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance for a superior driving comfort.

To fit your VW 17" x 7J Thunder alloy wheels or any wheels fitted with 235/55 R17 tyres

Also fits
  • 215/80-15
  • 235/70-15
  • 225/60-17
  • 255/45-18
  • 205/80-16
  • 225/70-16
  • 235/55-17
  • 255/40-19
  • 225/75-15
  • 205/65-17.5
  • 225/55-18
  • 215/75-16
  • 255/60-15
  • 235/50-18*
*Only Pirelli Sottozero Winter
*Only Bridgestone Turanza

    Before installing and using the snow chains, please read your vehicle’s use and maintenance booklet provided by the manufacturer carefully: most manufacturers provide indications on whether and how to use snow chains.
    Thule will not be responsible for any damage to property and/or people and/or animals caused by improper use of the snow chains, or for use that that does not comply with instructions in your vehicle’s use and maintenance booklet.
    While Thule has made every effort to ensure its snow chains are appropriate for use on vehicles as recommended, manufacturers may have a contrary view or change vehicle specifications without advising Thule.  It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that use of snow chains is appropriate and acceptable for their vehicle.  Thule will not be liable for use of snow chains in ways not expressly permitted by Thule and the vehicle manufacturer.


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