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CamperVantastic feature in the Sunday Times 18th September

09 Dec 2011 0 Comments
CamperVantastic feature in the Sunday Times 18th September

AA Gill, restaurant, travel reviewer and television critic joins award winning photographer Tom Craig on a magical adventure in a Campervantastic campervan to explore life in the Forest of Dean.  The Sunday Times Magazine, 18th September 2011!  Nice breakfast Adrian!

“We are not one of the great outdoors nations. We don’t go walkabout, camping is not in our blood. For us, camping is a comfortable, national joke: collapsible tents, sodden sheets, burnt beans, malevolent cows and flashed buttocks. The point is to cram as much of the convenience of home into the outdoors as possible. It’s a cross between a car boot sale and a big girl’s game of make-believe house. In the toilet block, fathers hold up infants in Spiderman jim-jams to brush their teeth. You get the feeling that most families won’t stray far; the tent or the caravan is accomplishment enough, a small but significant annual Everest. They’re happy to have moved the familiar chores to a new setting, surrounded by trees and each other. As I lie in my sleeping bag in the roof of the camper, I can see the flicker of light, the smell of congealing sausages and hear the lowing of chat and the bursts of giggling that are the natural sounds of Britain under canvas.” See the full feature online, (subscription required).

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