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Cobb, Kitchen In A Box

Cobb, Kitchen In A Box

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Cobb Kitchen In A Box

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Includes Cobb BBQ, Carry Bag, 
General purpose teflon coated grill plate, Roast Rack, Fry Pan, Fry Dish, Griddle, Dome extension & Chicken Roaster, (Cobb Cookbook in picture not included, sold out)

You are about to Liberate the Chef in you through the versatility of the Cobb.

  • Weighing only 9 KG / 19.8 lbs, the fuel efficient Cobb uses only one Cobble Stone, ±300gms charcoal or 8-10 briquettes for over 2 hours of cooking perfection. This unique stainless steel portable cooking system is truly in a class of its own. Unlike typical BBQ grills, the Cobb can roast, bake, smoke, fry , boil and BBQ. While remaining cool-to-touch on the outside, you can cook anything, anywhere, anytime