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KHYAM Sun canopy

KHYAM Sun canopy

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The Khyam Sun Canopy is a simple and quick to fit Sun Canopy suitable for most Campervans and Motorhomes. The Sun Canopy has been designed to be as versatile as possible, to allow fitting to a variety of vehicles. Sewn along the rear edge of the sun canopy is a 6mm beading or Kador. This will slide directly into an awning rail or channel. If your Campervan has a gutter, then you can fit the Sun Canopy to the gutter with plastic figure of eight strips (sold separately).

The front steel poles are made up of sections which are frictionally locked together. If you are fitting to coachbuilt motorhome you may need to use all sections, on a smaller vehicle such as T4 you may only need to use some of the sections. The Sun Canopy is ideal for those lazy afternoons around the site.

Whilst the Sun Canopy is constructed from waterproof fabric we do recommend taking it down, in persistent or heavy rain to prevent the possibility of water pooling in the roof.

Front and Side Panels now also available

Packed Size 65x14x14cms
Weight 3.0kgs
Colour Grey with Black trim
Height 180cm-225cm (approx.)
Materials PU Coated Polyester

Compact Pack Size
Adjustable Height
Ideal for VW's and Motorhomes
Waterproof Weather Weave Pro fabric
Taped Seams