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California-Camping Reimo Superflat Cap

California-Camping Reimo Superflat Cap

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Roof Cap for the Reimo Superflat

More and more people pick the option to set up the Transporter or the Multivan with an aftermarket roof from Reimo. 
Because of the need to have a cap for these vans we have decided to expand our range.  
Available caps for Reimo Superflat, Reimo Easy Fit (lower at the rear end) and Easy Fit II
 (higher at the rear end).

Take the opportunity and take advantage of our experience producing the T5 California cap for 9 years.

Please pick your color/window combination.
The piping rail option is important to suppy you with the best accessories to secure the cap. Just let us know if you have one, two or no rail mounted (as to the pictures).

The high tech fabric Airtex is especially made for hard out door use, it is 100% water tight and durable. The membrane effect will let the moisture out but no water or wind in.

The isolation & protection effect:
Through the cap you will have an isolating cushion.

  • Effect 1: the tent fabric will stay dry 

  • Effect 2: the isolating cushion will keep temperature in and out. During sun exposure you will have colder temperature in the inside and during winter the cushion wont let the heat out that fast - less loss through the established roof


You can choose between four different standard colors (I do recommend silver as the best color), pick windows and if you want to be prepared for a solar cell or a roof carrier system - you can choose the top less option.


  • Airtex, 195g/qm, silver coated, Teflon coated
  • Front-Roof-Rear out of one piece of fabric
  • sidewalls double stitched
  • 10 grommets to secure the cap on the beading - it does not matter if you have an awning or not, the cap is designed to fit with or without it.
  • Instructions in english.



Cap (as to your choice), mounting hardware, storage bag with string.


Made in Germany!