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Flexifoil Blurr 2.5m Rasta (kite only) Pro-link lines sold separately

Flexifoil Blurr 2.5m Rasta (kite only) Pro-link lines sold separately


Product Description

The Blurr is a kite with one mission - speed! Culminating from a two year development process, focused on the single objective of controllable speed, the Blurr showcases a highly advanced aerofoil providing amazing speed alongside rock-solid stability.

Moving into the specialised arena of speed buggying, the Blurr is ideal for the intermediate to advanced rider, looking to gain a phenomenal leap in speed when compared to lesser optimised kites. Blurr by name and a blurr by nature, this is one kite that will thrill you right to the core!

Package Contents

  • Blurr kite canopy
  • Registration pack
  • 'One month free' repair card
  • Kite storage bag

Please note, this kite does not come with a bar, handles or lines as standard. You will need to buy these separately.


Technical Information

Two years of continuous, attentive development have helped to pinpoint the Blurr as a real speed demon in the world of traction kiting through the advancement of several key features.

Optimised Planform

The design of the planform of the kite has been optimised and tweaked between speed and stability in a way that doesn’t sacrifice on either. The high aspect ratio design increases speed, whilst the ‘swept’ leading edge and closed tip cells retain stability.

AAA Customisable Ride

Our Triple A Bridle Adjustment System gives you the options you need to customise the kites performance to fit your wind conditions and riding style, giving you that competitive edge over your rivals.

Sora® Ripstop Nylon

We tested several types of sail material for the Blurr but the double-coated, water-proof Sora provides the perfect combination of strength, tear resistance and long-term durability meaning you can fly confidently and aggressively when you need to without fear of the kite letting you down.

Quality Construction and Exceptional Materials

The bridle material for the Blurr is pre-stretched unsleeved Dyneema® to give the kite superb high strength and low stretch properties allowing it to retain its shape in the sky even in strong wind conditions.
The bridles have a thinner diameter than the sleeved bridle lines to reduce parasitic drag and increase the speed. We pre-stretch every metre of bridle line in our factory to ensure that the constructional stretch is taken out of the line.

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