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CALIFORNIA CAMPING VW T5/T6 California Beach Breathable Cap (Mutze) with 2 windows

CALIFORNIA CAMPING VW T5/T6 California Beach Breathable Cap (Mutze) with 2 windows

from £414.99
Disclaimer, we do not have pictures of all toppers colours and different window configuration, please choose options carefully.

Our California Beach roof protection is called the Beach Hat and is not only an ideal solution if you want to do autumn or winter camping but it also protects in the summer from high indoor temperatures and rain. 
The HighTec fabric Aertex is absolute water-tight, durability and remains breathable.
 Due to the cap and the insulating cap effect you have such an optimal protection during bad and cold weather. , the T5 California Beach "cap effect".

The cover forms a protective air cushion. 
Effect 1: The permanently installed cotton Zeltbalg is no longer wet.

Effect 2: The insulating effect of the air cushion. In the summer, lower indoor temperature, less in winter heat loss through the established roof.  A constant distance of about 4 cm between cap and roof ensures good ventilation without moisture dew. 
Material and Design: 
• Aertex, 195g/qm, silver plated 
• Front roof-tail in one piece
• sides double stitched 
• 10 metal grommets for secure anchoring the cap on the Beading. (The positions of the eyes can also be a secure attachment of Cali-cap on if you have installed one awning.)

Quality made ​​in Germany 

Cap, 8 Alukedersteine ​​and Isalink clamps, rubber cable (mounting behind the awning) and the storage bag with drawstring  Cap, 4 C-rail adapter, mounting kit for the posterior final, 8 Alukedersteine, Isalink-tensioners and storage drawstring bag 

The bag is designed so that it can be stowed in the pocket gap between the seat and back of a chair in the tailgate.
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